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About Lisa Hixen-Costigan

I realize many artists write their Bio/CVV stating their goals with flowery language and a deep perspective on their art that seems to take one path.  I joke with my friends and fellow artists that I have a little artistic ADD…squirrel! I love so many mediums and become obsessed with each of those I learn, then experiment with combining them. I am either ADD when it comes to art, very shallow or art has a different meaning to me. A love of inspiring others to create beauty and sharing that escape of creativity is my drive. Everyone has a little artist hiding inside. I love showing people the way to finding that path of setting their artist free. Hearing students in the classes say, “I can’t believe I painted this! I’m proud of myself!”, “I love my piece!” or just the giddy look on their face when they see their work fresh out of the kiln makes my heart sing!


I have had an interest in all things art since childhood. My college studies include a couple of community colleges, but I hit the jackpot when I stumbled upon a class taught by Gustav Likan at Austin Community College. He was amazingly inspirational to all students. I would look in the schedule of classes and continue to show up as though I had paid to hone my painting skills.  He then taught a workshop in Acapulco which another artist, Kris Cummings(another inspiration) and I attended.  We continued to take private lessons with him after our return along with others that attended. When leaving after the lessons, he would always slip my money back to me. I continued painting with him for 11 more years until my friend and mentor, Gus, passed in 1998 at the age of 86 at his home with paint still on his hands. Finding inspiration again would take a few years. 


Since that time, I have retired from my daily job as a sign language interpreter, built a painting studio(a surprise gift from my wonderfully supportive husband, Patrick), purchased a kiln or two, have begun to host painting classes, and to teach private lessons in clay, painting and drawing.  In other words, I am enjoying life as an artist!

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